Iran Advantages

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Beyond the Quality;

Persian Plateau

Persian plateau with the center being Iran, in terms of climate and also history has some potentials and advantages that has made it known as a unique region for growth and utilization of medicinal herbs. This region includes areas of western Asian countries.


High Climatic Variation: Out of the world’s 13 climate zones, Iran has 11. This blessing allows growing 90% of different medicinal herbs in this region; and in this respect, it is placed in the world’s top 5 countries.


High Species Diversity: The number of natural species present in Iran is about 8000, 2300 of which have medicinal properties and 1700 are endemic species of Iran. This variety is more appreciated when we know that species diversity of the entire continent of Europe is half of this amount!


Proper Weather: Climate indexes of this region, such as duration of the day, sunlight intensity and quality, as well as climatic diversity have caused the products produced in this region have special quality and more active ingredients than many other products grown in the world.


Traditional Medicine, Modern Products: Long history of traditional medicine, as well as an extensive presence of modern industrial manufactures with diverse products, has made this region to one of the most potential regions of the world, in the field of medicinal herb industry.

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