About Us

HerbeMarket™: A Comprehensive B2B Platform

With human tendency to natural and herbal products, the growing need to easily access to new specialized marketplaces of products derived from herbs and medicinal plants is sensible.

In order to meet this need for business customers, including traders, distributors, hypermarkets, wholesalers, as well as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, aromas, toiletries, foods & beverages manufacturers and other interested businesses, RASTA Corp. has formed a business platform, named “HerbeMarket™”.

In this comprehensive platform, RASTA Corp., as an export management company (EMC) specialized in Iranian herbal and natural products, has integrated more than 20 qualified manufacturers, offering a product portfolio of over 800 prominent herbal products including  supplements & medicines, cosmetics, natural food flavors & colors, herbal tea, herbal extractions & ingredients, etc.

These products with the support of ancient Persian civilization, traditional medicine, varieties of plants from various climate zones, and also modern industry are produced with international standards and certificates.




Some Herb e-Market Features: 

•           Wide range of herbal products

•           Quality and management confirmations by different certificates

•           Whole of great IRAN in a single window

•           Regional Agents; face-to-face trading




Product Groups


Herbal Medicines

Get Rid of Side Effects …

They are produced completely industrial, with international standards and through the scientific and clinical studies, and by using international authoritative pharmacopeia, in different forms. These products are offered for various body symptoms.

Forms: Soft Capsule, Capsule, Tablet, Syrup, Spray, Drop, Oil, Lotion, Ointment, Cream, Gel, Paste, Powder and etc.

Usage: Gastrointestinal, Blood and Cardiovascular, Brain, Neurological and Psychiatry, Respiratory, Immune System, Kidney and Urinary Tract, Muscle and Joint, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oral, Ear, Nose and Throat, Pediatrics, Physical & Sexual Dysfunction.


Herbal Supplements

Empowered by Nature …

They are produced with both reinforcement and pharmaceutical applications in different forms. Supplements by compensating the lack of essential materials can cause promotion in the performance and prevention of disorders in different body systems.

Forms: Capsules, Tablets, Syrups, Drops, Ointments, Creams, Lotions, Sprays, Gels

Usage: Strengthening Body Functions and Medicinal Uses



Beauty as Nature …

They are produced to maintain the freshness of the natural beauty, all from herbal ingredients.

Forms: Drops, Ointments, Creams, Lotions, Gels, Sprays Powders, etc.

Usage: Skin Care, Hair Care, Oral & Teeth care, Special for Men, Special for Women


Industrial Intermediates (Essential Oils, Extracts, Oils, Oleoresins and Pure Natural Products)

Say Goodbye to Chemicals …

They are produced for industrial usages in making food and health products more and more natural; which are prepared and packaged depending on the case. Their main applications are in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.

Kinds: Essential Oils, Extracts, Oils, Oleoresins and Pure Natural Products

Forms: Liquid, Semi-Dried and Dried Powder

Industrial Usage: Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Aroma and Food industry


Natural Flavors and Food Colors

Taste of Nature …

They are used in industries to dedicate pure natural scent, taste and color to the food and beverage products.

Forms: Liquid, Dried and Semi-Dried Powder

Industrial Usage: Confectionary, Bakery and Chocolate; Dairy; Tea and Beverages; Sauces, Snacks, Meat and Conserve


Herbal and Fruit Tea

Enjoying a Healthy Drink

They are produced in different forms, which make them ready-to-use packages.

Forms: Teabag, spoon, cup, tablet and other ready to use packages

Contents: Leaves, Flowers, Roots and Other parts of a herb/fruit or an appropriate combination of several processed herbs/ natural fruits.




Quality and Certificates

Our products generally meet a diverse range of important standards, which differ depends on the product and the manufacturer.

The overall of the standard certificates comes in below:


CE (Conformité Européenne): Health and safety certificate based on European Union Legislations.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices): Certificate related to the effectiveness of a pharmaceutical product based on WHO standards

Organic: Standard on growing the plants in organic situations

FDA: Approval certificate of American Food and Drug Administration

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point): proper control of the food from production to distribution processes

IFDA: Standard certificate on healthy and hygienic production, maintenance and distribution processes by Islamic Republic of Iran Food and Drug Administration

ISO9001: standard on quality management system fundamentals.

ISO14001: standard on environmental Management to minimize damages to the environment

ISO10004: standard on monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction

ISO17025: standard on technical competence of laboratory

ISO10668: standard on measuring monetary brand value

HALAL: standard on health of food based on Islamic standards




Beyond the Quality;

Persian Plateau

Persian plateau with the center being Iran, in terms of climate and also history has some potentials and advantages that has made it known as a unique region for growth and utilization of medicinal herbs. This region includes areas of western Asian countries.

High Climatic Variation: Out of the world’s 13 climate zones, Iran has 11. This blessing allows growing 90% of different medicinal herbs in this region; and in this respect, it is placed in the world’s top 5 countries.

High Species Diversity: The number of natural species present in Iran is about 8000, 2300 of which have medicinal properties and 1700 are endemic species of Iran. This variety is more appreciated when we know that species diversity of the entire continent of Europe is half of this amount!

Proper Weather: Climate indexes of this region, such as duration of the day, sunlight intensity and quality, as well as climatic diversity have caused the products produced in this region have special quality and more active ingredients than many other products grown in the world.

Traditional Medicine, Modern Products: Long history of traditional medicine, as well as an extensive presence of modern industrial manufactures with diverse products, has made this region to one of the most potential regions of the world, in the field of medicinal herb industry.




Regional Agents

We have created the representatives in all over the world in goal of better relation with our customers.

Also we welcome any request for the cooperation.




Our Mission

The mission of RASTA Corp., with the trademark HerbeMarket™ is to facilitate communication between Iranian herbal manufacturers and global business customers in the field of herbal products. This communication has been more accessible through our regional offices around the world, as well as the suited e-marketplace HerbeMarket.com.




Message of the Chairman

“We guarantee to provide highest business standards, through innovative tools and methods, and facilitate trade for Herb e-Market suppliers and customers.”