Rheumatoid, Muscular Pains & Painkiller Cream

Rheumatoid, Muscular Pains & Painkiller Cream
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Detailed Specifications
Indications Relief of rheumatoid and muscular pains.
Dosage form Cream - 30 gr   
Composition Rosmarinus officinalis oil
Suggested Use
  • Apply a thin layer of Rosmaridin cream to the clean and dry skin on the affected area and massage well.
  • In case of non special prescription, pain relief is achieved by using three tims daily.
Effective Ingredients

Camphor, menthol & Rosmarinus officinalis oil, cineol


Pharmacology and Mechanism of Action
Rosmaridin cream is a good remedy to relive rheumatoid pain, muscular tensions, painful muscle and luxation specially in athletes . Rosmaridin cream contains Rosmarinus officinalis oil for improving local blood circulation. Menthol and camphor have been used as a local analgesics. Rosmaridin cream can be used instead of capsicum preparations in sensitive persons . 
  • Do not use in the case of allergy to any ingredients of product. 
  • Avoid apply Rosmaridin cream on mucous membranes, wounds and inflamed areas. 

Adverse Effects
No adverse effects are known if used appropriately as directed. In rare cases, a hypersensitivity reaction can occur. 
No drug interactions are reported. 

Recommendations Store below 30˚C and protect from light and moisture.
  • IR GMP
  • ISO 9001
  • I.R.I.FDO

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