Our Mission

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Our Mission

Herb e-Market's mission is to create a modern and international market, to facilitate communication between suppliers and customers in the field of herbal products. In herb e-market, we are trying to integrate a society in which trading the qualified products of verified suppliers, with competitive prices and secure exchange would be possible.


A Creative Marketplace

With human inclination to natural products, and increasing spread of plant-based products, the need for new and specialized markets of medicinal plants and processing industries has increased rapidly. Herb e-Market is an e-commerce platform to meet this need.

This marketplace is supported by Rasta® Company and its regional offices.

Interacting with Herb e-Market is easy. Just go to the website, herbemarket.com, and a variety of products with technical and commercial features will be provided to you. After review and selection of the products and needed volume, you can submit your order. We'll call you to give more information of products and determine the process of exchange and other details.


Some Herb e-Market features: 

  • wide range of HERBAL PRODUCTS
  • Quality and management confirmations by different CERTIFICATES
  • Whole of GREAT IRAN in a window
  • REGIONAL AGENTS; face-to-face trading

2 Comment(s)

Ilhom Abzalov:
08/07/2016, 01:09:29 PM

Welcome respected company! I beg you to send me an e-mail, your contacts, to communicate and to negotiate further cooperation of your products on the territory of Russia. Thank you for waiting for comments. ilhom.abzalov@gmail.com

09/07/2016, 12:27:55 PM

Thanks for your comment. We will call you as soon as. All the best

27/12/2016, 06:27:07 PM

سلام ایا این پیام دریافت شد؟ لطفا پاسخ بده

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