Galbanum Essential Oil

Galbanum Essential Oil
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Detailed Specifications
Scientific name Ferula Gummosa
Indications tonic, flavor, Aromatic, antibacterial, antifungal, chronic Cough relief, analgesic, lowering blood sugar
Health Benefits Decongestant: Galbanum essential oil also exhibits decongestant properties. It helps clear congestion and reduces cold and cough. It also helps sooth the symptoms of bronchitis by clearing the lungs, nostrils and respiratory tracts. Distinct Aroma: Galbanum essential oil comprises of high amounts of monoterpenes and low amounts of pyrazines. Infection Fighter: The anti-bacterial properties present in Galbanum oil assist to safeguard the body from infection. Galbanum oil can easily stop bacteria from growing onto the skin, like on the wound. Anti-Spasmodic: Galbanum essential oil has anti-spasmodic properties. It helps treat muscular spasms and also helps reduce spasms in the intestinal tracts. Circulatory: It is an effective circulatory agent, and it promotes blood circulation and lymph node production in your body. The property makes it an excellent remedy for diseases like rheumatism, arthritis and improper blood circulation. Anti-Arthritic: As an effective circulatory agent, stimulant and detoxifier, Galbanum essential oil helps cure arthritis and rheumatism. It also improves blood circulation. Anti Parasitic: This oil helps keep parasites at bay and eliminates parasites in both humans and pets. Louse, fleas, beg-bugs and mosquitoes can lead to parasitic growth. Insecticide: Galbanum essential oil has a sweet smell, but the fragrance is intolerable to insects and the oil is frequently used to keep them at bay.
Industrial Usage Galbanum essential oil is used as a fixative in preparing a perfume; and has a sweet smell, but the fragrance is intolerable to insects and the oil is frequently used to keep them at bay. Industrial usage of Galbanum is relatively a lot. For instance, Galbanum is used as specific adhesive for precious stones. Also Galbanum is used orally as stomach tonic, and in external usage for bruises and wounds. Its resin is prescribed as stimulating and antiseptic and also cough medicine and in the cases of chronic bronchitis, asthma, as well as to strengthen the uterus.
Our Quality Among 172 species of Ferula, 15 species are exclusive and endemic of Iran, which Galbanum with the scientific name of Ferulagummosa is one the most-know species. Natural habitat of this herb in Semnan Alborz Area, north east of Iran (Koppeh Dagh, Miyan Ghouchan, Lotf Abad and Col of Allah-o-akbar), Hamedan, between Shiraz and Kerman, Birjand, Tabas and Esfarayen.
Effective Ingredients Effective ingredients of Galbanum contain the terpenoid hydrocarbon such as α-pinene (7% to 21%), β-pinene (45% to 65%) and δ-3-carene (2.5% to 16%). Pungent smell of the essential oil is caused by nitrogenous compounds such as 2-methoxy 3-isobutyl Pyridines and 5-butyl 3-methyl 2-Bottieau, methyl and sulfur compounds like methyl ethyl propanil disulfide. Other compounds of the essential oil are myrcene and cadinene, cadinol and sesquiterpenes alcohol.
Certificates HACCP ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001

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