Cumin Weight Loser & Appetite Reducer Soft Capsule

Cumin Weight Loser & Appetite Reducer Soft Capsule
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Detailed Specifications
  •  Weight loss and weight maintenance
  •  Reduction of appetite
Dosage form
60 Soft capsule - 25 mg
Cumin essential oil
Suggested Use 3 times a day, every time a soft capsule should be taken with some liquids before meals.
Effective Ingredients
Pharmacology and Mechanism of Action
Modern society today is facing an epidemic of overweightness and obesity, as one-third of the world population is affected; and this ratio is on the rise. During the past two decades, the number of children who are overweight has doubled. Characterized by an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation, obesity is considered a serious threat to health. Both general obesity and abdominal obesity increase mortality risk. Usually, body mass index (BMI), which is a simple index to classify overweightness and obesity in adults, is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of the height in meters (kg / m2). As defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), BMI ≥ 25 is considered overweight and a BMI ≥ 30 is considered obese. In 2005, approximately 1.6 billion people older than 15 years in the world were overweight and at least 400 million people suffered from obesity and at least 20 million children younger than 5 years were overweight. Nowadays, overweightness and obesity is increasing in low and middle income countries.

The main cause of obesity and overweightness is an imbalance of caloric intake and caloric output. Obesity can lead to serious consequences, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis and cancers such as endometrial cancer, breast and colon cancer. 

For weight loss and treatment of obesity there are several pharmacological and non- pharmacological treatments. However, none of these treatments have definite outcomes. In traditional schools of medicine such as in India, cumin has been used in weight-loss compounds, apparently due to its thermogenic effect, which helps increase the metabolic rate of the body resulting in breaking down fat molecules (lipolysis). According to the findings of recent research, cumin can neutralize free radicals and prevent the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids. Furthermore, in vitro, cumin aldehydes present in cumin essential oil inhibit aldose reductase and alpha-glucosidase.   

In a study, the effect of cumin (400 μg/kg-1/ day-1) on decreasing food intake and weight loss were compared with the anti-obesity effects of sibutramine (3 mg / kg-1 / day-1) in rats. Based on the results of this 25-day study, compared with the control group, in both groups of cumin and sibutramine, food intake, plasma leptin, glucose, insulin resistance and fat were decreased (P <0.005). Researchers concluded that cumin has anti-obesity effects similar to sibutramine, and it does not seem that its effects are due to inhibiting ARCNPY neurons.
Adverse Effects
Being taken as instructed and in advised therapeutic amounts, no complications and side effects have been reported.
No drug interactions have been reported.
  • Keep the product out of sight and reach of children
  • It is beneficial to use some vinegar, some honey and 1 gram of tragacanth with Cumin Oral Soft Capsule.
  • To lose weight, it is recommended to take Lime Oral Soft Capsule with Cumin Oral Soft Capsule concomitantly. 
  • To enhance physical fitness in a short time, to increase muscle mass and to improve muscle function in long-term period, it is suggested to combine Cumin Oral Soft Capsule with a high protein diet (more than 1.25 grams of protein per kilogram of ideal body weight per day). 
  • Increased consumption of fruits, vegetables and grains, dietary fibers, a reduction in sugar and fat consumption and increased physical activity (at least 30 minutes of regular moderate activity on most days of the week) play a significant role in weight reduction and maintenance. 
  • Cumin Oral Soft Capsule is carminative and alleviates pains in the digestive system. 
  • Those individuals with a hypersensitive stomach should take Cumin Oral soft Capsule after meals.
  • Recap the product immediately after administration, and keep away from light in 15-30 °C. 
  • Keep this leaflet; you may need to read it again.  

  • ISO 17025
  • IR GMP
  • ISO 9001
  • IFDA
  • ISO 10004
  • ISO 10668

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Cumin Weight Loser & Appetite Reducer Soft Capsule

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