Common Cold Signs & Nasal Congestion Treatment Inhaler Solution

Common Cold Signs & Nasal Congestion Treatment Inhaler Solution
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Detailed Specifications
Signs of common cold, cough and nasal congestion
Dosage form Inhaler solution - 60 ml

  • Eucalyptus globulus L.
  • Menthol

Suggested Use
Pour one teaspoonful of Eucalyptus inhaler in a container filled with hot water (not boiling), breath over the vapour for 5-10 minutes with eyes closed. Repeat several times during the day.
Effective Ingredients
Pharmacology and Mechanism of Action
Eucalyptus inhaler has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and expectorant effect. The antibacterial effect of Eucalyptus inhaler is on gram positive bacteria, especially Bacillus subtilis, and Micrococcus glutamis. Quercetin and hyperoside in Eucalyptus may be effective in cases of influenza type A.
Contraindications Children less than two years old, high fever, continuous cough and patients with respiratory treat bleeding.
Adverse Effects Thymol in Eucalyptus inhaler may irritate the mucus membrane.
Interactions Not reported

  • This medicine is used only as inhalation and is extremely dangerous if taken orally.
  • Eyes should be closed when inhaling the vapor.
  • Continuous cough may be the sign of a serious illness. If the signs of illness resist, stop using this medicine and consult with physician.

  • IR GMP

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