Breathing Symptoms Reliever (Cold & Nasal Congestion) Incense Drop

Breathing Symptoms Reliever (Cold & Nasal Congestion) Incense Drop
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Detailed Specifications
Indications Eucalyptus inhaler is recommended for relieving the symptoms of common cold and flu (eg. Nasal congestion).
Dosage form Drop - 15 ml 

Essential oil of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)

Suggested Use Several times a day, each time with 100 ml boiling water 4 drops of milk or humidifier in place for the cast and incense.
Effective Ingredients 1 and 8 cineol (eucalyptus), thymol, carvacrol, alpha-pinene, limonene, menthol.
Standardized Based on at least 28 mg of 1, 8 cineole, 3 mg menthol, thymol and 10 mg per ml of milk.
Pharmacology and Mechanism of Action
Relief for the symptoms of congestion, respiratory system widely used eucalyptus incense. The combination of essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus incense and can thin the mucus and air duct dilation and facilitate breathing in patients with chronic bronchitis and emphysema help. Eucalyptus mucus (expectorant), and Germany's Commission E has approved its use for the cough and bronchitis. the in vitro antiviral activity against influenza type A eucalyptus essential water-soluble components have been identified.
Contraindications Known sensitivity to eugenol
Adverse Effects
Rarely, erythema, rash, itching and development of rash seen. Subject to the Administration, the incidence of adverse events is not expected.
  • This product is not edible.
  • Avoid using this product in or near the nose for infants and Avoid young children.
  • Like all medications, eat eucalyptus from children Dvrng·hdaryd.
  • After use, tightly close doors and away from consumer products, Drdmay30-15 ° C Keep
  • ISO 17025
  • IR GMP
  • ISO 9001
  • I.R.I.FDO
  • ISO 10004
  • ISO 10668

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